Fr Thuruthiyil Made Rector of Professors’ Community at UPS Rome

C.M. Paul

Prof. Scaria Thuruthiyil, SDB

Prof. Scaria Thuruthiyil, SDB. Photo: C.M. Paul, SDB

ROME, Italy – The Superior of the Universita’ Pontificia Salesiana (UPS) Vice-province communicated, 21 June, Prof Scaria Thuruthiyil as Rector of  UPS Dominic Savio professor’s community. He succeeds eminent professor Fr Morand Wirth during whose tenure Fr Thuruthiyil was the Catechist.
The official announcement reads: “The Rector Major with his Council has approved the nomination of  Fr. Thuruthiyil Scaria, as new Rector of the community of S. Dominic Savio” for a triennium 2010-1013. To him goes our congratulations and wishes for the service of guide and animator of the community and of the confreres”. Download Image Continue reading

Indian Catholic Education Model Proposed for Italy

C.M. Paul, SDB

Prof. Scaria Thuruthiyil, SDB

Prof. Scaria Thuruthiyil, SDB. Photo: C.M. Paul, SDB

ROME, Italy – An Indian author is proposing the Catholic Education model in India as a successful model for those engaged in education particularly in Italy. His new book on Indian educative principles and values in Italian language is due for release shortly in Rome. It is his second book on Indian topic in Italian language. The author has been a professor of Philosophy at the Salesian University (UPS) Rome, Philosophy Faculty, for over 22 years. Download Image

Principi e valori educativi, nella tradizione Indiana

Principi e valori educativi, nella tradizione Indiana. Photo: C.M. Paul, SDB

The 358 page book entitled “Principi e valori educativi, nella tradizione Indiana” by former Dean of the UPS Philosophy Faculty Prof Scaria Thuruthiyil SDB is being published under the Edizioni Progetto Cultura Collana Quaderna di Ricerca. Download Images

Prof Thuruthiyil has 13 books to his credit over a period of 22 years. Starting from his first book published in 1988, the author has five books published solo (2 in English and 3 in Italian). He has co-authored 2 books in Italian, 5 in Malayalam and one in English.

“The latest book is meant for all those interested in value education and moral formation: parents, teachers and also students (university)”, says Professor Thuruthiyil stating that the language it is published in will serve especially the Italian public (teachers, educators) who are interested to know about education in India and in the Indian tradition. Continue reading

Rāmānuja’s Thought Spells End of Caste System

C. M. Paul

Rāmānuja’s Thought Spells End of Caste System

Fr Francis Vattukulam, SDB. Photo: C.M. Paul, SDB

ROME – An Indian doctoral student presenting Rāmānuja’s philosophy at the Salesian University Rome (UPS), 15 June, has argued the end of caste system on grounds of equality and unique status of human beings. Rāmānuja was 11th century philosopher from Tamil Nadu. Though born a Brahmin, he taught both upper and lower caste people the way to God through bhakti mārga, realized more specifically through the path of self-surrender (prapatti). The president of the five member defence panel, UPS Pro-Vice-chancellor and Philosophy Faculty Dean Prof. Mauro Montovani declared panel’s verdict granting him “the highest marks” awarded to a doctoral candidate. Download Image Continue reading

Priest Defends US Youth Ministry Model

Priest Defends US Youth Ministry Model

Fr. Emmanuel Kadankavil of Kalyan-Mumbai diocese. Photo: C.M. Paul, SDB

ROME, Italy – Fr. Emmanuel Kadankavil of Kalyan-Mumbai diocese has successfully defended his doctoral thesis on a U.S. model of youth ministry in catechetics, 7 June, at the Salesian University Rome.

“Realizing the urgency of intervention in the field of youth ministry and the need for providing a stronger foundation and vision to today’s youth ministry, I did a research on the relevance and importance of the model of youth ministry propounded by Maria Harris, an renowned American author and faith educator,” says Fr. Kadankavil.

The topic of his three years of research and study was: “Maria Harris’ Model of Youth Ministry: Integrating the Psychological and Spiritual Dimensions –  An Analytical Critical Study” Download Image Continue reading