Book On Gandhi`s Manner Of Dressing Launched Worldwide

ROME  – A professor of Salesian University Rome is creating history with the international launch of his book entitled CLOTHING FOR LIBERATION: A Communication Analysis of Gandhi`s Swadeshi Revolution.
Dr. Peter Gonsalves has the unique distinction of having his book launched in New Delhi on January 30 marking the 62nd anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi`s martyrdom, on February 28 in London and on March 30 in New York.
“This is the first analysis of Gandhi`s dressing style in terms of communication theory and an exploration of the subliminal messages that were subtly communicated to a large audience,“ says Sage Publications, New Delhi, the publishers of the book. Continue reading

Research on “Tamil Cinema” Makes Cover Story

C.M. Paul
Periyanayagam-Jesudasan---Feb-22-2010ROME — “Coming on the heels of the international SAGE publication, “Clothing For Liberation” by Dr Peter Gonsalves of Salesian University`s Social Communications Faculty, another Indian student from the same faculty has grabbed the cover story in “Communication Research Trends” a quarterly review of Communication Research from the U.S. [Vol. 28 (2009) No.4]. His lead article running into 23 pages (out of 43 pages) is entitled “TAMIL CINEMA” by Perianayagam Jesudoss. It is preceded by one page “Editor’s Introduction” on Tamil Cinema and its cultural impact both for India and the world. Continue reading