Jesus is born for all of us

Picture of Child Jesus on 26.12.2010

The image of being born in the manger tells us that Jesus is born sinless for others. Jesus is born in the midst of cattle as the paschal lamb. Christ is born for the whole creation. Christmas is celebrated without limit, time and space. The birth of Jesus is not something that happened two thousand years ago, but it happens today and will happen tomorrow. Jesus is born in everybody’s hearts and everybody’s homes.

Isaiah’s prophesy is fulfilled now and today in the birth of Jesus: in darkness has light shined, for to us a child is born. Christmas is the celebration of the unbounded love of God which brings all of us the Salvation through our total self-surrender. St. Paul writes to Titus: God’s grace has been revealed, and it has made salvation possible for the whole human race and taught us what we have to do…’. Like the Angels we must sing the Glory to God in the Highest Heaven and like the shepherds we must leave behind our land to follow the Star to distant shores to see and to worship the Child. Let us rejoice because the Divine Child is born for us.

St Thomas the Apostle

A study in profile as revealed in the Gospels

Call to be Doubting Tomas

st-thomas-christl: Image from Google (14.12.2010).

“All ye, who boast of being spiritual children of the original Doubting Tom, you are invited now to swiftly shift into a rational mode worthy of him; for, you are going to discuss his character as revealed in the scripture. We shall look at him through the gospels. But, the important thing here is … please do not hesitate to throw up your doubts during the discussion. Gullible children in his spiritual bloodline ready to believe anything without evidence would put him to shame. So, please ask for evidence at every stage” – this was how Fr Zachariah, the Parish Priest, introduced the theme of the day at the family unit meeting. Continue reading