The fall of Adam and Eve

The fall of Adam and Eve: Image from Google (16.10.2010)

K X M John
Fr Zachariah introduces the topic

At the conclusion of the previous meeting, Fr Zachariah had suggested the topic for this meeting. And that was the episode in the Garden of Eden that led to Adam’s fall from grace.

God had planted “all manner of trees in the garden, fair to behold and pleasant to eat of”, including two special trees – the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And God forbade Adam from eating the fruit of the second tree – the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Continue reading

Bold and beautiful women in the Gospels

K X M John

Mary Magdalene, Image from Google (11.10.2010)

Opening the family unit meeting, Fr. Zachariah said: “Some women associated with Jesus’ ministry have fascinated generations through their daringly innovative acts of devotion”. And he suggested that the main item on the agenda for this meeting be to identify some of these women.

Fr Zachariah added that apocryphal books such as the gospels of Mary, Philip and Thomas contain references to women devotees of Jesus, but our discussion would be based exclusively on the canonical New Testament books. Continue reading

Martha and Mary: An open discussion at the Family Unit Meeting

K X M John
Whom would you choose to marry? Martha … or Mary? … You have the choice”.

Martha and Mary, Image from Google (11.10.2010)

A puzzling proposition indeed from Fr Zachariah, the parish priest, at the family unit meeting. He had announced at the previous meeting that the topic for today’s discussion would be the story of the Bethany sisters as described in the gospels of Luke and John.  He had also exhorted the members to come prepared with materials on the story from all possible sources including the internet. Still, the unconventional and abrupt manner in which the Reverend Father now introduced the theme surprised every one including those who were used to his holy antics. Continue reading