P. Julius Kumar Francis defends His Thesis

ROME, Italy – On October  19, 2011 P. Julius successfully completed his four year course in Social Communication with a defence of his thesis on “The Silence  of God in the film Winter Light by Ingmar Berman”. In this thesis he has studied the life and the filmography of the director, Bergman; the tree of narration of the story, the graphic transcription and the screenplay; the main characters, their faith life and the silence of God for Ingmar Bergman.

Winter Light is a Swedish film about a Lutheran pastor and his Sunday ministry. The pastor is not fully involved in his Sunday service because of the preoccupation with his beloved dead wife. The number of the church-goers decreases and those handful of parishioners who participate in the mass disperse with their problems unresolved. At first, the pastor finds meaningless to replace his wife with a school teacher residing in his parish, then he goes ahead in his faith-journey in spite of the fatigue, celebrating many masses. For Ingmar Bergman, the silence of God is the fatigue that one experiences in his life. In this film he has clubbed the autobiographical scenes, for example, his father himself was a pastor but in the film stars Gunnar Bjornstrand.