Salesians celebrate the Feast of Don Bosco

ROME, Italy – Salesians who are well known worldwide for thier ministry among the youths celebrate the Feast of their Founder Don Bosco.

India commemorates the death of Father of the Nation Gandhiji

NEW DELHI, India – On January 30, 1948, the father of the nation and the freedom fighter through the mightiest weapon non-violence was assasinated. India pays homage to this great soul.

Kandhamal Christians continue to suffer for God

KHANDHAL, Orissa – Poor Christians are targeted by the Fundamental Hindu Brethren because they are socially recognized by the Church. They don’t receive any incentives for believing in God but only the love of God who comes to rescue them from their socially oppressed system, says a believer in one God, Daniel Digal.

The Christian Minority Suffer in Baliguda, Orissa.

KANDHAMAL, Orissa – Hundreds of families in a remote region of the eastern Indian state of Orissa remain homeless and without support after a wave of violence swept the region last month.

The minority Christian community in Kandhamal district, many of whom are forest tribal people and low-caste Dalit converts from Hinduism to to Christianity, say they’ve been targeted by radical Hindu nationalist organisations seeking to put an end to the church and its activities in the region.

This is rejected by the Hindu groups who say the violence is the consequence of local issues unconnected with their presence in the area.

The district has remained under night-time curfew since the tensions erupted and has been largely inaccessible to foreign journalists until now. Continue reading


Excerpts of SMT. PRATIBHA DEVISINGH PATIL New Delhi, 26th January 2008


Indian Republic Day Celebration 2008