Indian Jurist Enlightens UK & Ireland Canon Law Meet

Pudumai Doss

Photo caption: Prof. Jesu Pudumaidoss presents a paper at the Annual Conference of the Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

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DERRY, Ireland – An Indian Church Law specialist presented a paper at the Annual Conference of the Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland at a five day meeting held in Derry, Ireland, 3-7 May. A Lecturer in Canon Law at the Pontifical Salesian University, Rome (UPS), Prof. Jesu Pudumaidoss spoke on Freedom of Enquiry & Expression of Theologians – Some Juridical Considerations. Over 100 canon lawyers participated.

“Freedom of Enquiry and Expression, one of the recognised rights present in various «Bills of Rights», continues to be a hot topic for the mass media. It has consumed reams of paper, hours of court cases and has succeeded in catching the attention of innumerable people everywhere and from all walks of life. When such rights are taken up for consideration within the Church, the discussions seem to work up into a state of frenzy, as different instances have gone to show,” says 43 year old Salesian priest from Chennai province.

Prof Pudumaidoss further states, “Invariably, in such situations, the following question springs to our mind: «Is there freedom of enquiry and expression within the Church?». The prejudiced often take a negative reply for granted. Admittedly, there may, at times, seem to be a certain veneer of truth in this uninformed reply. Nevertheless, a deeper analysis into the ecclesiastical legislation and reality could bring to the fore the articulation of various facets of this freedom, inasmuch as it forms part of the «duties and rights of the Christian faithful».”

Later, as member of panel discussion, he fielded questions on Catholic education of children and the duty of the parents; incardination of priests and incorporation of religious.

Besides his PhD degree in Canon Law, Dr Pudumaidoss holds two Masters degrees in Canon Law (JCL & JCOL) and has completed Bachelors degree in Indian Civil Law. Author of four books on Church Law he has published several scholarly articles in reputed Canon law Journals.Dr Pudumaidoss is professor and Secretary of the Canon Law faculty, UPS Rome.

He is also External Examiner for doctoral thesis at Madras University as well as visiting professor at the Salesian Theologate in Chennai.

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