Research on “Tamil Cinema” Makes Cover Story

C.M. Paul
Periyanayagam-Jesudasan---Feb-22-2010ROME — “Coming on the heels of the international SAGE publication, “Clothing For Liberation” by Dr Peter Gonsalves of Salesian University`s Social Communications Faculty, another Indian student from the same faculty has grabbed the cover story in “Communication Research Trends” a quarterly review of Communication Research from the U.S. [Vol. 28 (2009) No.4]. His lead article running into 23 pages (out of 43 pages) is entitled “TAMIL CINEMA” by Perianayagam Jesudoss. It is preceded by one page “Editor’s Introduction” on Tamil Cinema and its cultural impact both for India and the world.

Impact of Tamil Cinema on Street Children

As the author of “Tamil Cinema” points out, Mumbai is but one of five major film production centres in India with three in southern India, known jointly as Kollywood.
The author further argues that “cinema technology has brought a revolution in creating different cultural forms: mass culture, public culture, popular culture, cinema culture, star culture, etc., which are different from crowd culture. What was considered culture, great culture, classic culture, elite culture, official culture, traditional culture and Brahmin culture… rediscovered and reconstructed the identity and cultural value in popular culture in a positive manner.”
Hence film’s role in Tamil Nadu’s cultural mix provides an important look at how different regions create popular cultural forms, The export of these forms, the author claims, as has begun to the Tamil expatriate community, will also export the cultural form.
Dr Jesudoss Perianayagam’s essay comes from material that Fr Jesudoss first prepared as part of his 2009 dissertation, “The Learning Impact of Tamil Cinema in the Lives of the Street Children: An Empirical Research and its Relevance,” presented to the Salesin Pontifical University, Rome with the readers, Professors Pasqualetti Fabio, Marie Gannon, and Devadoss Sagayaraj.
Fr. Jesudoss spent five months in field trips to collect data and interview in four major cities of Tamilnadu (Chennai, Salem, Coimbatore, and Tiruppur) collecting data sample from 451 street children, both boys and girls representing different socio-cultural, educational, economic and ethnical backgrounds.

Ambitious Media Project for Street Children
“I have an ambitious media project through which I propose to involve street children from all over India, to be protagonists in learning, earning, producing and marketing media products,“ says Fr Jesudoss himself an accomplished musician, composer and lyrist. Over 50 of his religious song compositions are used in the Radio Vatican Tamil programme. He has also produced several audio cassettes of devotional songs both in Tamil and Malayalam.
Fr Jesusdoss (46) served as parish priest and youth ministry in the province of  Chennai, and Thanjaur diocesan youth director  as well as assistant director of Don Bosco Oratory at Sampierdarena in Genoa (Italy) for three years before he started his doctoral studies at Salesian University Rome in 2005. Currently he is co-pastor of the Salesian parish at Testaccio, Rome.

Caption: Dr. Perianayagam Jesudoss and the cover page of Communication Research Trends.

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  1. Dear sir,
    This article is too nice.. I m doing research about the women participation in tamil cinema, if you have any guide line or suggestion means forward it to my mail sir, It will be more helpful for my project.
    Thank you

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