Book On Gandhi`s Manner Of Dressing Launched Worldwide

ROME  – A professor of Salesian University Rome is creating history with the international launch of his book entitled CLOTHING FOR LIBERATION: A Communication Analysis of Gandhi`s Swadeshi Revolution.
Dr. Peter Gonsalves has the unique distinction of having his book launched in New Delhi on January 30 marking the 62nd anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi`s martyrdom, on February 28 in London and on March 30 in New York.
“This is the first analysis of Gandhi`s dressing style in terms of communication theory and an exploration of the subliminal messages that were subtly communicated to a large audience,“ says Sage Publications, New Delhi, the publishers of the book.
Gaston Roberge, India`s 1998 national award winner for academic writing on communication, collaborator with Satyajit Ray and author of 12 books on cinema and communication, considers this Gandhian sartorial analysis, “scholarship in the service of commitment.“
Gonsalves chooses three famous theorists from the field of communication studies and scrutinises Gandhi`s use of cloth and clothing for India`s liberation, to give us a fascinatingly new insight into one of the most famous men from South Asia and one of the rarest non-violent revolutions that has rid the world of colonialism forever.
The author first prepares the ground for the theoretical investigation by exploring the breadth of Gandhi`s communication skills which include the qualitative and quantitative aspects of Gandhi`s verbal output, his linguistic capacity, his journalistic and letter-writing style, his peace communication in conflict, his organisational ability, the international repercussions of his mass mediated messages and his non-verbal communication through silence, fasting, clothing, personal presence and charisma.
The book closes with, perhaps for the first time, a Gandhian approach to symbolisation for socio-political change. Photographs of Gandhi in different phases of his life have been used to provide a visual chronology of sartorial change and emphasise the arguments in the book.
Sage, a book publishing company that has media and communications as two of its special concerns, believes the 188-page book to be an “immensely insightful resource for students of communication studies, politics, history, semiotics, and cultural studies.“ This probably explains the steep price of Indian rupees 495 (USD 34.95 for North America and UKP 29.99 for Europe).
Salesian Father Peter Gonsalves began his media commitment as a pastor in rural Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. He founded Tej-prasarini, Mumbai and authored life-based educational resources such as Exercises in Media Education (1994) and Exercises in Peace Education (2003). As the international manager of the official Salesian website, he coordinated (2002-2006) in Rome. He represents the Salesians at SIGNIS and was president of INTERSIG, its international membership from 2004-2009.

Photo caption: The author and the book cover.

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