Sri Lankan Army Kills Innocent Tamil

image011MOONGILARU, Sri Lanka – Srilankan Army Shelled in Civilian Place
and attacked a hospital in March 2009.
What did this child do? The picture is not published to avoid the horror.
None of the Indian or International news papers are displaying the news
Desperately they are hiding the news………….
In Jan 2009 Srilankan Army attacked civilans in Moongilaru, Srilanka
Almost 10 children were killed in this attack… Who is going to question Srilanka ?
The only error is that these innocent are tamils.
Pregnant women were brutally killed by Srilankan Army…………
This is the world’s worst deadliest attack……. 8 month foetus was also killed
A pregnant woman was killed by Srilankan army on March 17 2009 (Baby inside her body) Where is the Head? In the picture there is no head. The picture is not published to reduce the horror.

Just 13 year old school student was beheaded.
What is the use of UN?
From January 1 2009 until March 30 2009……………………………………………………..
3812 innocent tamils were killed by Srilankan Army it includes more than 900 children.
UN report says….. Every day 42 tamils are killed by Srilankan Army……
They are their own citizens, citizens of our mondern world and members of human family.
Srilankan government did not allow the UN and ICRC members in Vanni (Tamil place in Srilanka)
They want to hide the news from the entire world….. Planned and Perfect GENOCIDE
Rajapaksey & Co are the culprits of this sad part of the human history.

Some people may think this is internal problem of a country……. why should we worry?
If it is an internal problem or war why we studied about Hitler in our history book.
The Aim is the future generation should not repeat the same error.

Read the article in the link below:

Booker prize winner – Arundhathi Roy ‘s statement about Srilankan Issue

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