Book on Kandhamal raises Uncomfortable Questions

NEW DELHI, India – On April 10 2009, the story of perverted justice in Orissa’s Kandhamal has surfaced again. A new book raises uncomfortable questions on what happened there. Swami Agnivesh said, “Immediately after Swami’s death, all Christian organizations condemned the attack. Yet, the BJP and friends said, nahi – yeh inhoneen hi kiya hai (It’s the Christians who have done this). Investigative Journalist Anto Akkara said, “I think the ashes in Kandhamal are not of the churches or of the Christians there. I think the ashes are the ashes of Indian secularism. Seven months after Orissa’s anti-Christian pogrom, comes the first book from ground zero, Kandhamal.

Six investigative trips deep into tribal country, throw up horror stories from hundred’s of victims. And despite government claims to the contrary, the journalist author says peace has still not returned to Kandhamal.

Akkara feels that holding elections in Kandhamal right now will be a farce.

Why was Lakshmananda’s final march allowed despite an official curfew? Eleven thousand people were named in FIR’s. Why have only six hundred been arrested? Why are people being forced out of relief camps – when villagers openly threaten to kill them? The book raises uncomfortable questions – ignored or forgotten by the media.

The wife who caught dogs eating her burnt husband’s body, the nun raped, then paraded naked – they make you wonder if this is really a secular country.

For the video, visit the website.

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