5C’s Lok Sabha Candidate Petition for Good Governance

Dear Friends/ Citizens

Recently we have experienced very traumatic times when our beloved country has been threatened both from beyond our borders and within.

Troubling times are upon us with Indian fighting Indian on grounds of caste, creed, community, region, language and culture for political advantage of the few, putting at grave risk the many.

Corporate India has lost its ethical moorings underwriting the mayhem created by the political class for the singular pursuit of profit.

The sanctity of Parliament has been compromised by persons with criminal histories a mile long; unable to debate on issues of national importance, squandering crores of public money on un-conducted business in an unattended Lok Sabha. Thereafter, our representatives enjoy the highest levels of security afraid of the citizens they represent.

Once again the Lok Sabha Elections are around the corner.

From 1.2 billion people we have to choose 542 persons with impeccable credentials to serve and provide leadership.

While we have enjoyed a far from impressive track record doing so, till date, another opportunity is upon us to make the difference that we have been seeking for so very long.

If we citizens have to bring the change then, we have to respect each other’s political differences and arrive at a consensus  seeking good governance from the political parties that represent us.

Please consider this an appeal from one Indian citizen to another,setting aside religion, community, language caste etc.

May I request you to read the contents of the petition below and then visit the link to sign it.

In order that this petition may receive the widest possible circulation and signatures, may I request you to do the following:

* Translate it into any and every Indian language.

* If any individual, group or organisation wishes to replicate the petition in an Indian language and place an electronic version on the petition online website, please contact citizen.positive@gmail.com. This is only to ensure that there is no duplication of the petition in any one language.

* For those with no limited or internet access, please take a print out  of the petition and have the same signed, or thumb imprinted.

* For those groups, organisations etc, obtaining signatures on a hard copy, please have a representative sign the petition, providing email address,valid registration number of organisation and number of signatures obtained.

* For those groups of people with no internet access, the original hard copy may be sent to the, Chief Election Commissioner, Election Commission of India, with photcopies to each of the poltical parties marked ” 5C’s Criteria For Lok Sabha Candidates” in a language of your choice.

* The electronic version of the petition will also be sent to the Election Commission of India, with copies to each of the poltical parties

Let’s make the difference…


Ranjan Kamath

The petition title is: 5C’s for Lok Sabha Candidates.

The petition URL is: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/5CLS09/petition.html

The petition is directed to: Political Parties of India _ National, Regional, Local

The start date is: .January 31st, 2009

The end date is: ..March 1, 2009

The petition statement says:

To: The Political Parties of India (National, Regional and Local)

5C’s for – Clean,Credible,Competent,Corruption Free and Committed – Candidate

Dear Sirs/Madams,

I am a citizen of India seeking good governance. By signing this petition I am committed to setting aside labels of caste, creed, community and ideological differences to unite with my fellow citizen in seeking good governance.

Very soon candidates from your parties will be campaigning in my constituency, visit my village, my neighbourhood, my apartment block, and fold his/her hands at my doorstep, seeking from me my most valuable possession as a citizen – my vote.

Please note that I wish to be treated with the respect deserved by a citizen of India – not a vote bank statistic. Therefore, my vote cannot be purchased with pouches of illicit liquor and Rs. 500 notes; it cannot be stolen at the polling booth and I will not squander it on false promises. I shall invest my vote in good governance alone.

Before your candidates seek my vote, allow me to seek a commitment from all political parties to good governance for the greatest good of all.

Also, expected from all Parties is a commitment to arrive at a consensus on all issues in the national interest – specifically national security – irrespective of ideology.

The above commitments must reflect in the election manifesto of your parties.

Party candidates representing your parties for the forthcoming Lok Sabha Parliamentary elections must comply with the following criteria:

•       Clean Image: free of any previous history or pending cases of criminal or economic nature in any court of law in this country. Declaration of assets  and all sources of income.

•       Credibility: possessing the credentials to represent a constituency with either a record of service in the public domain and/or an expertise in a particular profession.

•       Competence: to represent the voice and concerns of his/her constituency on issues of local, national and international importance. Candidates selected in order to pander to vote banks on the basis of caste, creed, community or business interests shall be deemed unacceptable.

•       Corruption Free: with no history of corrupt practices or, the aiding and abettment of the same in his/her professional or public life.

•       Commitment to the principles of secularism enshrined in the Constitution of India

In the event that the candidates nominated by your parties – for any constituency – fail to comply with the above criteria, citizens such as myself and fellow signatories of this petition shall enjoy the following choices:

•       To recommend a candidate from within your respective parties to represent your party for the constituency, complying with all of the above criteria.

•       To recommend to a political party the replacement of a standing representative who is in breach of the above criteria during his completed tenure as Member of Parliament.

•       Reserve the right to support an Independent candidate seeking election  complying with the above criteria

•       Reserve the right to nominate an ‘Aam Aadmi’ candidate for each constituency, who will seek election as an independent enjoying the support of the signatories belonging to the same constituency.

Rather than devaluing my vote by voting ‘against’ the candidates chosen by your political parties, I wish to cast my vote ‘for’ good governance.

It is my endeavour to circulate this petition in every Indian language to every nook and corner of this country, by email and on paper, across the internet and on foot, to solicit thumbprint and signature.

I beseech you not to ignore the pleas of this petition. I look forward to your co-operation and the opportunity to participate in bringing the change I wish to see in our great democracy.


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