Mr. Rajiv Joseph fasts to protect the Rights of the Minority

mrjosphhungerstrikNEW DELHI, India – Mr. Rajiv Joseph, President of the ‘Indian Minority & Dalits Front” has began a hunger strike from December 10, on the International Human Rights Day, at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to demand in support of the Christians in Orissa. Mr. Joseph announced that his hunger strike would is unto death if the demands are not conceded by the government. The demands include stopping of the bandh in Orissa on Christmas day called by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, sending more paramilitary forces to Kandhamal, ensuring no further attacks against Christians take place in Orissa, and to implement rehabilitation of victims in Kandhamal attack immediately. Several religious and political organizations have extended support to the issues championed by Mr. Joseph.

‘Indian Minority & Dalit Front is a new political party formed by the enthusiastic members of minority communities, dalits and tribes in India with the objective of protecting, ensuring and fighting for their rights. The party wants to expose the double stand of state and central governments with regard to the recent attacks on minority communities. Mr. Rajiv Joseph said the reluctance from the part of the government authorities is clearly because of the fear of the majority vote bank.

He drew the attention of all to the plight of suffering Christians in Kandhamal in Orissa and said even the United Progressive Alliance led government at the centre is scared of the ‘majority vote bank’ to take action against the unjust actions of the Orissa government.

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