Indian Priest becomes Chaplain of a University

ROME, Italy – Indian priests taking charge in mainstream pastoral ministries does not anymore raise eyebrows in Rome. Indians are major Superiors of several Italian congregations, Deans of faculties in Italian Universities and directors of International student and religious communities.

Father Emmanuel Kadankavil Manuel of Kalyan diocese is appointed Assistant Chaplain to the State University of Tor Vergata-Rome. He is the second non-Italian to be appointed to the post in the history of the University, the first being a South American, who left last year after his two years of service.

“In fact I expressed my unwillingness and unpreparedness to walk into a secular university of 41,000 Italian students and 1,600 Italian professors. But Padre Mauro, the Rector of the Community in Via Casalina, Rome told me ‘I found you to be a responsible person’, confesses Father Emmanuel, a Youth Ministry doctoral student at Salesian University, Rome, sharing his feelings at the appointment news.

He further adds, “I personally feel it is also a sign of showing Indian community’s solidarity with the Rome Vicariate and vice versa more than any personal qualification. In fact at the introductory mass here in the university, I expressed the same sentiments to the crowd. They were touched by it.”

Father Emmanuel has an MA in English Literature, diploma in Counselling and a second MA in Youth Ministry. Besides teaching at Don Bosco School Bandel and Salesian College Sonada Darjeeling, he has also worked as Kalyan Diocesan Economer for three years. He served as the Member of the Senate of Paurastya Vidyapitam University Kottayam, Kerala, and as director of Catechism, finance
officer and the secretary to the Presbyteral Council of the Diocese of Kalyan-Bombay for three years each.

Since October 2008, Father Emmanuel is working at the Università Degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, situated in the East of Ciampino Airport and Stazione Anagnina.
Most part of Father Emmanuel’s work consists in assisting the spiritual and psychological needs of the students and professors like celebrating, Mass, confession, special blessings and prayers. Besides, he gives counselling and guidance when approached twice a week from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. He also takes one-hour weekly class on the social teachings of the Church to the students of the Economics and Finance Faculty and another one-hour weekly class to the students of the Faculty of Physical Science.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Fr Emmanuel,
    We are extremely proud of your new appointment.
    Prayers and blessings on your new ministry.
    CM Paul

  2. V, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel

    Very happy to read the news of your appointment as “Chaplain of the University of Tor-Vergeta – Rome”. Congratulations and best wishes to you.


  3. I am happy to know about your appointment as astt. chaplian of the university of Torvergeta'” ‘”Rome.MAY God bless you to perform the duties with utmost dedication and sincerity.

  4. With Warm Regards Francis

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