Father T.C. George invites People to join Rosary Campaign

Rosary Campaign for India

the Rosary Campaign
for the persecuted Christians and
persecutors of Christians
in Orissa and
in other parts of India!

You can join this powerful prayer campaign by pledging yourself to say as many rosaries as you can during this month of October dedicated to the rosary. Together with Mary, the Mother of Jesus who, in the company of the apostles, awaited the descent of the Holy Spirit, we too contemplate the salvific mysteries and pray for an outpouring of the same Spirit on our country, India. Let the Mother of God usher in a new era, a springtime for God’s reign on our land.

If you would like to join this campaign, kindly email me (rosarycampaign@gmail.com) or SMS me (0091-9448815694) or post me just the following line:

I would like to join the Rosary Campaign by praying …………..number of rosaries for the persecuted Christians and persecutors of Christians in India.
Your name: ……………
Place (state/country): ……………

The rosaries said by you will be offered up during a special Marian Eucharistic celebration conducted on November 14, 2008, in Bangalore during which you will be specially remembered (for this reason we need your name) and will be lifted up to our loving God through the sacrificial offering of His Beloved Son Jesus Christ.

Please forward this mail to all your catholic friends in India and abroad and invite them to join. Display this invitation on your notice boards and invite friends to sign up. Collect pledges and mail them to me…. You are supporting a great cause!

God bless you.

Fr. T.C. George
Visvadeep, Kristu Jyoti College
Bangalore – 560036. INDIA.
Ph. +91 080 25618030
This brochure in Italian, Spanish,Tamil
German will be emailed to you on request

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