People rejoice in Suffering for Christ in Orissa, India

ORISSA, India – INDIA’S north-eastern state Orissa continues to be in grip of gory anti-Christian riots. Scores of Christians, including some nuns, pastors and ordinary innocent people have been burnt alive. Countless churches, houses and shops have been gutted. Even Christian orphanages have not been spared. They burnt their homes, their churches, their crops, their vehicles. They ransacked their schools, their orphanges and destroyed their clinics. Everything they owned is gone. They have nothing left. Absolutely nothing. All means of communications is blocked. Relief work is beyond imagination. Nobody is permitted to visit the victims in refugee camps. They have no food and medicine. They trusted the Christians. They have been attacked. Now they can’t help them. They trusted the government. She has betrayed them. Now they have no hope, unless the International community intervenes the Indian society to respect human rights.

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  1. its interesting we dont do this in london, being a christian.

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