Police accuse Christians of Praying

BANGALORE, Sep. 19. The attacks on Christian Churches in Karataka is a cause of concern. Not only has there been attack from fundamental groups but the apathy from government officials.

1. Attacks started immediately after BJP supported Orissa state attack on Christians and Catholics. But the CM of Karnataka says Attacks took place in the areas of conversion activity.
2. The New Life Fellowship were distributing literature against Catholics, Muslims and Hindus since decades. But the attacks were mainly targeted on Christians and specially Catholics including Cloistered Catholic Nuns who do not even come out of their premises to see the world. Thus it is not possible at all that they get involved in Conversion. But first attack was on thier chapel, Crucifix, Statues of St. Francis, Statue of St. Joseph, Holy Sacrament, Furniture and on Nuns. They tried their best to smash the statue of Mother Mary but the reports say it did not even get a scratch.
3. Provocative leaflets, handbills, pamphlets against Christians and Catholics were being distributed for many days in front of Catholic institutions. How does this group blame others when they themselves indulge in such activities ?
4. An English Daily News Paper Reports a Policeman accepting `that their hands are tied`.
5. News Reports say that police themselves were breaking their vehicles to initiate lathi charge and use tear gas on Catholics. Most of the time police were attacking on peacefully sitting Catholic protesters.
6. News Reports say that Police illegally entered the Permannur and other churches, hit Christians mercilessly who were taking refuge inside the church including women and children, also broke furniture and equipments in the church.
7. Even after so much of terror the Chief Minister wants to say “Stop Forceful Conversion“ when he is not able to prove even one forceful conversion among Catholic church in the affected area. Instead of ordering enquiry about these attrocities, the CM has ordered enquiry about foreign funds.
8. Though attack was on Catholic church the Government of Karnataka claims that the attack was only on the Prayer Halls of New Life Fellowship. This is just to misguide Indians and international media. How can a responsible person as the Chief Minister give such baseless statements when he himself came and saw with his own eyes the damage done to Catholics and Christians.
9. Fundamental Organisations openly owned the responsibility of the attacks. The news was also published in a prominent manner in the dailies. But the Local BJP MLA Krishna Palimar has no problem in denying any such act.
10. The CM and District Collector assured that no one including Hindu Groups will be allowed to hold meetings or demonstrations etc., But organised attacks spread to other coastal areas of Mangalore and Dakshina Kannada.
11. Why doesn`t the chief minister condemn Fundamentalist group for taking law into their hands. Even if they were hurt because of the literatures of New Life Fellowship they have means to take legal actions against them and this is easier as their own Government is ruling. But why did they take law into their hands. Why the government did not take action against Pramod Mutalik who openly said that 700 people were being trained to set up an Anti-Terrorism Army and the Army would be increased to 5,000 members within a year. If individuals or private organisation form Army then why there is a Government to take care of Law and Order?
12. Is this State Sponsored well planned attack on peace loving Christians ?

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