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  1. The atrocities over Christianity by the RSS (RSS = to Vishwa Hindu Parishad VHP + Bajrangdal + BJP) in India should be condemned worldwide and should be pressuriesd to ban this outfits completely. This is the only solution.

  2. Yes, all those who disturb communal harmony in India need to be put behind bars. They are the uncivilised hooligans of India. Every individual has the freedom to practice whichever religion the individual is comfortable with. There can be no coercion or persuasion to change ones religion. But if one sees the good example of the practioners of a particular religion and wants to change his/her religion then he/she is the last authority to decide for himself/herself.

    These misguided people who indulge in burning and destroying of people and their properties and their lives in general just for the reason that they have embraced a particular religion do not have the freedom to practice their ideology. They and their outfits should be banned by Free India immediately.

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