Father Thomas Pandippallyil CMI passes away as a Martyr in Balampilly, Andra Pradesh on August 19

BALAMPILLY, AP –  The tortured and disfigured body of a Carmelite priest was reportedly found in the Yellareddy area of Naxalites-infected district of Nzamabad in Andhra Pradesh.

The body of Father Thomas Pandippallyil, 37, a member of Carmelite of Mary Immaculate, as found when people waiting for Sunday Mass in a village began a search after the priest failed to turn up.

On a way side in Yellardy they found his body with legs and hands crushed with sever beatings, and eyes were pierced with a sharp weapon. He is believed to be killed on Saturday night. His motor bike was also found abandoned.

The body was found almost a kilometer from the motor bike that he used. His head and also had serious injuries. The body was found in a deserted area in Balampilly village.

On Saturday  on August 16, he reportedly offered a Mass Burgida village, where he stayed and started for another village to say Sunday Mass. On his way he visited an FCC convent in Lingapetta and had his supper.

On sunday on August 17,  the sisters were waiting for the priest for the mass in Yellareddy, and not finding him there initiated a search.

A Post mortem was conducted and the burial would be at the Balampilly Provincial house on August 20 in the morning.

The priest was actively involved in educational field. He joined the Chanda mission of the CMI on 24th June 1987. He was ordained a priest in 2002. He was the rector for the Chanda mission province of the CMI, and also worked as hospital administrator, school manager and mission centre director.

2 Responses

  1. This was my cousin brother. . please pray for his soul. And pray that the murders are brought to justice.

    • How is the canonization process for Fr. Pandippalliyil proceeding? I am sure it will be a quick one. But have not heard anything here in US. My heart was broken when I read of this story. My condolences to you, for your most beloved cousin bother. May he rest in the highest height of Heaven with Jesus and Our Blessed Mother. Amen.

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