Father Samuel Mondol SDB defends Don Bosco`s Amorevolezza

ROME, Italy – Fr Samuel Mondol, former dean of Vidyaniketan Kalyani (National Brothers` Training Institute) successfully defended Master in Spirituality thesis entitled: Don Bosco`s Gentleness and Amorevolezza: Reflections of His Students During the Beatification Process. Amorevolezza could be rendered in English language as “loving kindness.“Fr. Sam with Professors and Kolkata Salesians immediately after the defence pose for a foto.

The director of the Salesin Institute Berkeley (USA) Dr. Joseph Boenzi guided the thesis while French Salesian and authority on Don Bosco`s spirituality Dr Morand Wirth was co-guide along with Spanish Salesian Dr. Rafael Vincent as moderator.

The Salesian University (UPS) Rome Theology Faculty`s Spirituality Department hall was packed with confreres, Roman friends and well-wishers who turned up to cheer the president of UPS South Asia Salesians during his defence, 3-4 pm, 16 June.

Defence Confessions
“Ever since I came to know the person of Don Bosco, I have been fascinated by his gentleness and kindness,“ says Fr Sam explaining the choice of the topic.

“Departing from traditional method of studying the personality of Don Bosco from his own writings like the lives of the three saintly Boys of the Oratory, Savio, Magone and Besucco, I tried to show Don Bosco`s personality from the testimony of the boys of his Oratories from 1845 to 1865,“ adds Fr Sam who completed his studies in two years.

Fr Sam`s thesis runs in to three chapters, punctuated with a general introduction and general conclusion substantiated with detailed bibliography. He used the simple technique of `setting a historical context`, `analysis` and `synthesis` in presenting the chapters. Chapter one provides for the historical setting of the Oratory, chapter two analyses the testimonies while chapter three does the work of synthesis.

“My limited knowledge of the Italian language made the work much more challenging. It called for greater dedication and concentration while reading through the testimony written in the language of the time containing even some terms in the dialect. Nevertheless, with some additional help I surmounted this difficulty and was able to attain the objectives I set while undertaking this study,“ confesses Fr Sam jubilant about the accomplishment.

Hailing from Ranaghat parish of Krishnagar diocese, Fr Sam (36) proceeds to Kent (UK) for a course in Counseling and Spiritual direction before he takes charge as administrator at Savio Bhavan pre-novitiate in Azimganj, Murshidabad district, W. Bengal.

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