Tamils in Srinlanka are massacred

ALLAIPIDDY, Srilanka – Tamils in Srilanka are targeted and massacred by the Srilankan government. All kinds of torture are imposed on these people. Every day Srilankan army is making Tamils as refugees in their homeland. So far one lakh people have been killed. Among them eighty thousand are civilians. The international countries are raising voice against Srilanka. United national council also condemns the inhuman activities done against Tamils.

Tamils speak Tamil as their mother tongue. They live 18 kilometers away from Rameswaram (which is Tamil Nadu boarder). They practice Tamil culture, they have Tamil way of life but they have no freedom and equality and they do not have a dignified life. Since several years they used non-violence to get equality. No result. Hence they took weapons to protect their own people.

Srilankan army is ferocious to eliminate the Tamils from the island. Every soldier is ordered to kill three Tamils every day. Recently army is focusing on catholic priests. Last month army killed Rev. Fr. Karunarathnam. He was the founder of human rights commission in Srilanka. He gave the clear picture of the suffering of the Tamils to the international community. For which army in Srilanka
killed him.

The Srilankan army does systematic genocide. They are killing innocent children. Army is raping the women. Air force is bombing the innocent civilians. Youth are interrogated without proper reason and after interrogation army kills the youth mercilessly and throws them into bushes. Pregnant women are torn into pieces. Property is looted. The famous church (like our Mary’s basilica velankanni) is occupied by army. Houses are destroyed. They are homless…………….

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