Mt 25:31-46

ROME, Itlay – Shepherds of those times separated the sheep from the goats. The sheep were known for their higher value and lighter skin. Similarly, Jesus as the King on the day of the final judgement divides the nations into good and evil, the righteous and the cursed, strong and the weak, the favourable and the unfavourable and the rich and the poor. By this parable of the last judgement, he talks about the finest expression of the Christian concern for the human need. His concern is about the poor, the weak, the sick, the oppressed, the unfavourable and the down-trodden. These are the least of his brethren who need to be liberated. His concern is also about the sin committed to the least of these brethren through negligence, pride, selfishness and indifference. This season of lent is an opportunity for us to witness to the redemptive mission of Jesus by our presence and service. Mother Mary of Lourdes intecedes for us to follow Jesus faithfully by translating the Christian values into our ordinary life.

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