Fr. Ajay Kumar contacts His Eminence Cardinal IVAN Dias

ROME, Vatican – Fr. Ajay Kumar the president of IPSBU contacts His Eminence Cardinal IVAN Dias and the other important people regarding the candle procession for the suffering christians in Orissa, India, from Maria Magiore to the Indian Embassy.
According to the response received from the priests, sisters and brothers a prayer meeting would be a reality. The venue and the date are soon to be decided.

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  1. Dear Rev,

    I enjoy your awesome page. How nice.

    I love the Latin Extraordinary Mass, I see we share much in common.

    I also have become acquainted with the Malabar Church, and I am confused if they are REALLY Catholic? Some say there are schismatics, but it is alright to attend their illicit Liturgy. Is it valid?

    I read this book on the Ecumenical Crime of “Communicatio in Sacris”, and I am very much wondering your view on Ecumenical Latin Masses? I guess certain priests share Communion with various Sects like the SSPX, Old Catholics, Polish National, and even the Malabar Syriac Churches. And even Catholic laity are invited to attend.

    Is this good? What has Rome taught, I am reading this scholarly book – I got at Amazon.

    It seems Rome hast spoken on this matter before Vatican II (in fact for 2000 years). But, I must admit there have been some controversial changes made by Paul VI. So what are we to believe?

    Are we to join into spiritual communion with non-Catholics, esp. a common Divine Liturgy?

    Or no?

    I love also the Orthodox Greek Catholic Liturgy of S. Chrysostom. Do you know about this Mass?

    Sincerely in St. Thomas,


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